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Coffee Bar

We have a coffee bar where good things comes from. Our coffee bar offers the best range of items such as coffee, tea, juices, shakes, smoothies, and pastries to be enjoyed by our customers. We are not only a place to drop in and get your morning cup of coffee (which can be done as well) we have a place where you can sit down and enjoy that tailor cup of coffee . If you need to work, we have a seating area created specifically for you. If you need to rest , we have a soft seating area at the front that is perfect for your weary mind and body.

What we can’t *promise

Goods things are always costly, and we do not promise that we are the cheapest coffee bar in the area but we do promise to offer the best quality based coffee with the best prices possible.

You’re invited to stop by today to see (and taste) for yourself.
We think you will be 😊.

What *we *Promise

To give the best tasting and quality beverages and food items to our customers.

Working hours

Sunday to Saturday 7:00am to 7:00pm
Due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Coffee & Tea

Our coffee beans are locally roasted and twice a week we stock to ensure freshness for our beverages. We use specifically beans from Uganda.

We serve both hot and ice tea options.


We only offer pastries made by us and we use the fresh and best ingredients available. Our pastries and bakeries have a short shelf life due to the fact that no preservatives are used so make sure to check our shelves often.


We use pasteurized milk leaving a flavor and nutrients you should expect from milk . Ugandan soils are natural meaning there are no chemicals used from the soils that grows the grass to feed the animals.